Client Bulletin December 2015

December 2015    

Client Bulletin


What’s Inside

Investing for the Long Term

QTIP Trusts Still Offer Advantages

Put Cadillac Health Plans on Your Road Map

Tax Calendar

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New Small Business Tangible Expensing Threshold $2500

For Small Businesses: IRS Raises Tangible Property Expensing Threshold to $2,500; Simplifies Filing and Recordkeeping

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Understanding new 1095-B, Health Coverage

By January 31, 2016, health coverage providers should furnish a copy of Form 1095-B, to you if you are identified as the “responsible individual” on the health coverage.

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November 2015

Special Issue

2015 Tax Planning Roundup


What’s Inside

Will the Third Shoe Drop?

Year-End Investment Tax Planning

Year-End Family Tax Planning

Year-End Retirement Tax Planning

Year-End Charitable Tax Planning

Year-End Business Tax Planning

Year-End Estate Tax Planning

Tax Calendar

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Attention College Students: Change to FAFSA Rules

New Change to FAFSA Rules beginning with 2017-2018 school year to make process easier.

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September 2015

Past Losses Offer Winning Opportunities

Supreme Court Decision May Affect State Taxes

Ongoing Responsibility for Retirement Plans

Tax Calendar

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Consumer Use Tax

Learn more about the Consumer Use Tax in Tennessee

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Tennessee Sales Tax Holiday

Tennessee Sales Tax Holiday:  No sales tax on certain items purchased over the weekend.

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IRS Warns Taxpayers of Scam Artists

IRS Warns Taxpayers to Guard Against New Tricks by Scam Artists; Losses Top $20 Million

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August 2015

What’s Inside

Facing College Costs

What You Should Know About Student Loans

Restructuring Education Debt

Why You Need a Will

SIMPLE 401(k) Plans May Appeal to Employees

Tax Calendar

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